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The Dallas Revival CREW

Kyle Martin
Biography of Kyle Martin

With guidance and direction from God, encouragement from family and friends, and plenty of patient perseverance, Kyle Martin remains committed to his one true passion from the Lord ~ reviving others in their relationship with Jesus Christ. Over the past 20 years, Kyle has experienced an array of people and places, in small towns and in big cities. Disheartened by the lack of impact Christianity played in each setting, Kyle strives to articulate the absolute truth in a spoken and written format for others to understand and practically apply to their own lives. As a licensed minister, Kyle has the heart to effectively influence and impact the " church" in America, where he strongly believes the body of Christ is ready to experience a spiritual time of restoration.

To maintain a perspective of servant-leadership with integrity and skill within a community of Christians and non-Christians, Kyle and his wife Laura currently reside in Dallas with their daughters Maya and Nadia where they serve as property managers/maintenance of an apartment complex. As he continues to serve in this capacity, Kyle recently spent the last year writing a book about practically living your life everyday for the Lord (personal revival) that will be published and available in the fall of 2007.

In order to effectively tap into the realm of revival with a solid, biblically-based foundation, Kyle is currently pursuing a doctorate at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. He also studied at Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS), Dallas, TX where he graduated with a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies, and Taylor University, Upland, IN where he obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration.

List of Committee

Kyle Martin – Director

Rebecca Harsila – Logistical Coordinator

Russ Whitfield – Musical Relations Coordinator

Tyson Guthrie – Promotional Coordinator

Cameron Mullens – Church Relations Coordinator

Matt Thigpen – Evangelistic Coordinator

Andy Mack – Community Involvement Coordinator

David Brugger – Financial Coordinator

Zach House – Graphic Arts Coordinator

Laura Martin – Support Staff

Sarah Guthrie – Support Staff
" Never doubt that a small group of committed people CAN CHANGE THE WORLD.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."  

- Margaret Mead