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Mighty Men -Sunday, March 25th, 2007

“These are the names of the mighty men whom David had…thirty seven in all.”
- 2 Samuel 23:8-39

Bright and early, I sat at a men’s prayer breakfast yesterday at our church. Keep in mind, this was a Saturday. Being the human I am I was a little hesitate on who would show up, especially at 7:00 a.m. But I was once again amazed at how the Lord moves people to knit our hearts together. And this time, it was specifically men from our local church. It was a great time of fellowship. We had biscuits and gravy, eggs, bacon, fruit, the works. It was humbling to know that certain men woke up at the crack of dawn to get the breakfast prepared. What servants! And then there were the one ones who spearheaded the effort. Individuals who spread the word, who organized it, and individuals who prayed over this time.

But eating food and having fellowship with the men didn’t even compare to our pray time at the future site of the 40-day tent revival. As we carpooled to the land, I felt a sense of inner strength. A sense of confidence. Something was building. This something was because I was going to pray with men. I was surrounded by mighty men who wanted to see change within our city. These men were willing to wake up, get out of bed, and fight the good fight of faith through prayer. Men were rising up to the occasion and joining hands. They were willing to confront the spiritual warfare battle by taking their requests before the throne of God.

As nothing separated our circle, I began to think about the words of our pastor spoke of before we went to pray. He referenced 2 Samuel 23, where David listed men who were integral in his life. David didn’t operate by himself. He had an army of men willing to help David achieve his goal. Whether it was a captain, soldiers, servants finding water, or armor bearers, David knew he couldn’t fight the battle alone. That is why these men are listed in the Scriptures. David’s operation wasn’t a one-man show. He had 37 other mighty men helping him defeat the enemy.

What a beautiful picture. I was thankful for the men who came to pray with me off of Gaston Avenue. These men came to help me carry the burden of this city-outreach. These men came to overcome the complacency in our community. These men came to discover the established wells that were once buried before us. These men were sincere in their faith. And amidst the quiet hustle and bustle of a weekend morning in the city, the prayers of these men didn’t stop. They didn’t cease as people watched us from the nearby coffee shop. Rather the prayer time grew with inner strength. The Sprit was preparing the hearts of these mighty men for what is to come. And as one man prayer, we are being prepared for something that is to come “on the other side” of this 40-day tent revival.

How thankful I am for these mighty men ~ men who are willing to come together and ask the Lord to reign down on His people once again. And for this reason of mighty men from our congregation, I ask that we pray for other men in each local church to band together and pray for a revival in this city. For when we unite as one, I believe we will continue to see transformation not only in the church but also in the city of Dallas.
- klm

" We cannot organize revival, but we can set our sails to catch the wind from Heaven when God chooses to blow upon His people once again."

- G. Campbell Morgan