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Our Faithful God - Thursday, April 5th, 2007

“Faithful is He who calls you, and He also will bring it to pass.”
1 Thessalonians 5:24

There are times in my life where I just need to sit down and smile. Why? Because the God that we each serve is so faithful to His people. For me personally, He has involved Himself in ways that I could have never imagined, and yesterday was one of them. Therefore, I would like to provide a glimpse into how the Lord’s FAITHFUL hand continues to be placed upon the planning and preparation for this 40-day tent revival.

When I woke up for the day yesterday, I was ready for two meetings. But I wasn’t ready for how the Lord was going to bless me. One meeting was with a local Christian radio station. As I came to the front door, they had a big sign that said, “Welcome Kyle Martin.” I thought to myself, this is interesting. I have never had a sign welcoming me to anywhere, let alone to a radio station. And then when I walked in, they made me feel even more special. They had rounded up the majority of the staff at the radio station just to hear my heart for revival. I couldn’t believe it. We had the accounting department, the traffic department, some on-air personalities, the communications department, etc…they were all there to hear me proclaim that we need to get back to the Lord. We need to be revived and renewed! Then we had a powerful prayer time for the planning and preparation for revival, as well as for my family. It was a humbling time for me as the individuals were genuinely sincere about seeing revival come to the city. Then, after my time of sharing and prayer with them, they presented me with a plaque of encouragement. The Lord is so faithful, as the words of encouragement were exactly what I needed to keep going (especially as we draw closer to the actual opening day for the 40-day tent revival.) God is so faithful in how He reveals Himself to me. After this special time, I was asked to record a Question and Answer for sound bites that would be played on the air throughout each day. What?!? God is so good. He continues to open up doors for the message of revival to be made known.

I got back in my car and was in awe. God loves me so much that He is willing to go out of His way to encourage me and my efforts. He knows that there are days when I am tired. He knows when I am frustrated. He knows when I have doubts. And because of His faithfulness, God reveals Himself just as the right time. And the crazy thing is, God wasn’t done yesterday with the first meeting. He had another meeting set-up for me 45 minutes away.

As I walked into this building, I was excited. The Lord was now giving me another opportunity to spread the message of revival. Except this time, not only was the city of Dallas going to hear about The Dallas Revival, but so were over 180 cities throughout the nation. For 10 minutes, I was given an opportunity to share on a nationally syndicated talk-radio show about the 40-day tent revival. Oh my goodness! It makes me want to cry just thinking about how God is making this come to fruition. Because if God wants revival to come to Dallas and America, He can do it. Just remember, “As a believer pursues the Christian life, he can be assured that God is faithful and that he cannot do it himself but that God will do it.” Isn’t that the truth? I couldn’t have orchestrated these meetings/interviews, but God can and will. Paul spoke of God’s faithfulness in our lives, when he wrote, “Faithful is He who calls you, and He also will bring to pass.” God continues to reveal in bits and pieces that He wants revival to come to this city. Therefore, let us continue to pursue after our FAITHFUL God for He is willing to reign down upon His people once again.

" We cannot organize revival, but we can set our sails to catch the wind from Heaven when God chooses to blow upon His people once again."

- G. Campbell Morgan